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dRisk: Godsend Alternative to Crypto Trading

  • Post published:March 1, 2023

Even though the market for cryptocurrencies has grown a lot over the years, there have been times when people have lost interest in trading them. One of the reasons why people may lose interest in cryptocurrency trading is its complexity.

Popular Twitter page, @coinfessions has a lot of stories about how complex crypto trading is as seen below:

“I’m 28 from Nigeria. Got into crypto via coinpot faucet in 2020. Studied TA for 2 years. Got a USD loan and got rekt trading as I was working nights as a barman. Today I’m sitting on a $500 debt, no job, no trading, just glancing at the charts and seeing opportunities pass by.”

“I thought I understood the basics of crypto trading, but I was wrong. I made some trades based on hearsay and ended up losing a lot of money. I wish I had taken more time to learn about the market and the risks involved.”

“I tried to trade on my own, but I found the process too complex and confusing. I didn’t understand the different exchanges, wallets, and fees involved. I ended up making some costly mistakes that wiped out my gains.”

For newcomers in particular, the cryptocurrency market can be difficult to understand and navigate. Charts are almost impossible to comprehend, and most of us don’t understand candlesticks. Technical analysis is not everyone’s cup of tea; we just want to trade low risk and get high reward without having to crack some market analysis. And this is where we come in.

What problem are we solving?

For newcomers, the cryptocurrency market can be intimidating. It can be hard to understand and navigate, especially for people who are new to it. Candlesticks and charts are difficult to understand; technical analysis is not for everyone.

There aren’t many options for those who want to learn about the market without putting real money at risk.

So we identified the problem; how do we solve it?

The Solution: Portfolio Fantasy League (PFL)

PFL has a unique solution to these issues. By making a game that mimics the cryptocurrency market, PFL gives players a safe and fun place to learn about the market and try out different investment strategies.

PFL allows anyone to create custom portfolios based on their preferences using a variety of coins and tokens. Real-time market data is used to track each player’s portfolio performance, reflecting the challenges and opportunities of the real market.

With lesser risks and higher rewards (the risk of losing is just 30% while the upside is as great as 3X), PFL contests guarantee that  up to 70% of competing players are always safe from any losses.

Our Long-Term Vision

The goal of dRisk is to give people a way to interact with the cryptocurrency market in fun and interesting ways. With dRisk, players can try out different profitable investment strategies.

dRisk also wants to build a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who can share their thoughts, ideas, and insights. By bringing together players from all over the world, we create an environment where people can learn from each other and have meaningful discussions about the market.

dRisk is the godsend alternative to trading cryptocurrencies if you don’t like technical analysis, fundamental analysis, price charts, or candlesticks.