About dRisk

dRisk, founded in 2021 is a fintech company, on a mission to empower crypto natives and newbies globally by providing a modern approach to financial rewards through our portfolio covers and predict to win products. We deliver innovative technology that allows our customers to focus on the growth of their assets portfolio by democratising the power of derivative assets. While trading and outrightly investing in crypto may be challenging, we’ve come up with a fun way to earn and make smart investor decisions.

Aim for the moon and ride the risk with a dRisk Portfolio Cover. Place bets on top coins and win massively with dRisk Predict & Win. As rookies, we learn that risk and reward go together. High risk returns high rewards, while low risk returns low. dRisk aims to change this dogma in a way where users get to keep the profits made on accurate predictions and also grow their portfolio with smart covers. With flexible and affordable costs, dRisk seeks to revolutionise risk management, enabling our users to grow a higher risk appetite.

Why are we doing it?

Risk is a part of life but fear must not get in the way of making good financial decisions. The only way to achieve greatness is by taking chances, and we are making it simpler!

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Our Vision

Risk is like fire, it can keep you warm and also burn your house down. At dRisk, we believe that high rewards can be produced from high risks. We also believe you can also mitigate against risk of portfolio losses - you choose! We intend to change the way people see volatility by enabling a fun, stress-free experience where users simply make smart decisions irrespective of their risk appetites.

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Our Mission

At dRisk, we aim to provide a profitable investing experience and mouth-watering returns at highly affordable prices. In the end, you keep all profits made, whether on predictions or claimed losses. It’s yours!

Our Product & Purpose

Our Founder


Jaideep Yadav

Founder, dRisk

Jaideep has previously led business growth at Sequoia Capital backed LocoNav as their Chief Business Officer - InsureTech. Drove international expansion across the Middle East, Europe, and Americas. Prior to LocoNav, he has co-founded startups such as Beatbook and Spitfast and worked with global ed-tech unicorn BYJU's, in its early stage and has been an active crypto investor for many years now.

quote-iconRisk can be unnerving, more so for newbies. With dRisk, we give users the opportunity to turn small investments into profitable returns, either through predictions or portfolio covers.

Our Backers


Sumit Gupta

Founder, CoinDCX

Maninder Gulati

Global CSO, OYO

Sajid Rahman

Through MyAsiaVC

Sousthav Chakrabarty

Founder, Siply

Varun Laul

Partner, Investcorp

Dhruv Bhushan

Founder, Habbit

Shridhar Gupta

Founder, LocoNav

Vidit Jain

Founder, LocoNav