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What is dRisk cover?
dRisk is a smart risk cover for your crypto portfolio. A dRisk cover protects your crypto portfolio against losses for a reasonable fee. We use science and actuarial data to price your portfolio cover in real time.
I'm new to crypto trading. How will dRisk help me?
When you're new to crypto, losses are inevitable. It's part of the learning process. What isn't part of the learning process is losing confidence in your ability to build a crypto portfolio. That's where dRisk comes in. A dRisk cover helps new crypto investors build confidence by providing customized loss protection at an affordable premium.
What crypto can I cover with dRisk?
For now, dRisk cover is available for your Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Solana(SOL), Ripple(XRP), and Binance Coin(BNB) holdings.
How does dRisk work?
Interact with your (AI-powered) crypto portfolio cover assistant to purchase your portfolio cover in a matter of seconds. You can claim and get an instant payout when your crypto portfolio is at a loss.

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