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Become a bounty hunter and get $5 for FREE

Retweet 2 tweets from @dRisk_io

Play any 2 dRisk fantasy leagues (PFL or SCL)

Join our Telegram community @dRisk_io

Make 2 tweets about @dRisk_io

Tag 3 friends to a @dRisk_io tweet

I did it all. Now what?

If you are through with all the steps of the bounty, share details with us through this form.


Program only valid for users who joined dRisk after bounty launch date i.e March 1st, 2023. Bounty Hunter’s twitter profile should have a minimum of 100 followers to be eligible for this program.

Bounty Rewards

Participants in the bounty program may be eligible for rewards - USDT precisely.

Bounty Rules

Participants must comply with the rules of the bounty program, including but not limited to the submission requirements and deadlines, and any restrictions or requirements specified by the program.

Reward Distribution

Rewards will be distributed based on the program requirements and conditions.

Program Changes

The program, including the rewards offered and the terms and conditions, may be changed or terminated at any time by the company without notice.

Intellectual Property

Participants agree that any content submitted as part of the program becomes the property of the company and may be used for any purpose in the company's discretion.

Disclaimer of Liabaility

The company is not liable for any errors or omissions in the program, including but not limited to the value of rewards or the availability of rewards.

Termination of Participation

Participation in the program may be terminated by the company at any time for any reason, including but not limited to fraudulent activity or violation of the terms and conditions.